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P³ Insurance stands as a beacon of expertise in the realm of commercial property and lessor’s risk insurance. Since our inception in 1996, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing comprehensive insurance solutions. Our focus is on delivering professional and reliable services to property owners who value meticulous and informed insurance coverage.

Apartment Building
Why P³ Insurance is Your Go-To Choice
Dedicated Commercial Insurance Specialists
Our services are specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of your commercial properties.
Deep Expertise in Lessor’s Risks
We specialize in covering a range of properties, from commercial to residential, ensuring your income-generating assets are well-protected.
Focused on Comprehensive Coverage
We delve into the details to ensure every facet of your property is safeguarded.
Knowledgeable in California Wildfire Risks
Our expertise is particularly crucial in regions prone to wildfires, providing you with strategies and solutions to mitigate these risks.
Exclusive Representatives for MRMG
As the sole representatives of MRMG in the Western United States, we offer specialized services and support that stand out in the industry.
Expertise Combined with Diligence
P³ Insurance is adept at crafting policies for all income-producing properties, including commercial, industrial, and residential spaces. We excel in providing coverage for multi-family residential buildings, catering to diverse property types and sizes. Our role extends beyond insurance provision; we are committed to educating property owners about their risk exposures and offering robust coverage to mitigate those risks.
Your Investment, Our Commitment
In today’s ever-changing economic landscape, securing your property with appropriate coverage is more important than ever. At P³ Insurance, your investment is our priority. As MRMG’s exclusive representative in the Western United States, our commitment to professional excellence and customer satisfaction is unwavering.
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About Our Founder - Donna Meyer
Donna Meyer’s approach to insurance is grounded in the practical philosophy of “Don’t risk a lot for a little.” This principle is central to our advisory services. We emphasize the importance of protecting the significant investment you have made in your property, considering not just the cost, but the value of quick and comprehensive recovery in the event of a loss. Under Donna’s guidance, we ensure that our clients make well-informed decisions, always mindful of their significant investments.

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